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Is your home on the market or in the market?

If your home is priced right it is in the market, otherwise it is on the market. Todays buyer wants to feel like the either got a deal or got a steal. You no longer can put your house on the market at a higher price “to see what happens”. You get your most amount of traffic in the first couple of weeks, so you need to put the right price on first.

Your home is already on the market? You feel that you may have priced it too high? Here are some great tips to tell if you have over priced your home.

In Memory of a Wonderful Horse

Unfortunately this wonderful mare was playing in the pasture and broke her leg, this is a tribute to her.

Home warranties aren’t just for when you buy.

Many people ask for a home warranty from the seller when they buy a home, but let it expire after the first year. Did you know that you can get a home warranty at any time to help protect your budget if something breaks? If you have a home with older appliances and systems, this might be something you want to check out.

Warranties differ in what they will cover and how much they cost, so you will want to do your homework. Talk to your REALTOR about who they have had success with in the past. If you liked the company you had when you bought the house, call them. Research companies online to see what others are saying about their experiences.

Systems in your house are very expensive to repair or replace and so are appliances, a warranty may be just the peace of mind you need.

Color is important in an entryway

Watch this video by Better Homes and Gardens to see how you can improve the apperance and feel of your entryway.

Pay attention while driving!

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with equestrian homes or local activities but I just had to share my experience while coming home from camping this past weekend.

My husband was driving and I was “enjoying” the scenery, well almost. We could believe how many people were doing other things while driving. My husband had to blow the horn, more than once, at people who were drifting over in our lane because they were doing something else.

I saw people eating, texting, talking on the phone and one guy almost ran into the side of us while taking medicine with both hands off the wheel. What is up with people these days that they can’t wait until they are not driving to do all these distracting things?

I have to admit I do use my cell phone while I am driving, but I use voice dial and a hands free device. I have had times in the past when I took my eyes off the road “for a minute” only to get startled when I looked back up. I really wish people would “hang up and drive” when they are behind the wheel!