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August Newsletter

The New Traffic Pattern at Zion Crossroads

If you drive in or around Zion Crossroads just east of Charlottesville VA you have had to deal with the construction for the last couple of months, well the good news is the project is almost finished!

VDOT has planned an open house to help the public understand what the new traffic pattern will be like since it is the first in the state. The open house will be on February the 5th from 4:30 – 7:30 at the Best Western in Zion Crossroads, to learn more click this link;

If you would like to see a simulation of what the intersection will look like click this link;

The Victory Garden | Live Green | Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Budding up behind houses and on rooftops across the country is a blast from the past called the victory garden.

During WWII, victory gardens were promoted by the U.S. government to save fuel and other transportation costs so more supplies were available for the troops. Patriotic citizens were encouraged to live on locally-produced food.

Homeowners planted fruits and vegetables in their ‘victory gardens’ to feed their families and to exchange surpluses with neighbors.  The effort was successful and many people remember with nostalgia the camaraderie of sharing in a common goal.

Today, many homeowners feel there is another war to be won – against high cost, lower quality foods — and they’re reviving the victory garden concept with a few modern twists.

So what’s driving the spade for victory gardens today?

Click the link below to read the entire article.

The Victory Garden | Live Green | Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

9 Reasons to Visit Charlottesville, VA

I read a great article out of AAAWorld magazine about 9 great reasons to visit Charlottesville, VA.   I live east of the city of Charlottesville and believe that there are way more than 9 reasons to visit, but I will highlight the points that they did.

The first reason is the history that most of us who live here take for granted, like Monticello, Ashlawn, Michie Tavern and so many more. Of course Charlottesville is best known for the University of Virginia and all that it brings to the area, but we also have great community colleges and very good public schools. Food, we have plenty of places to eat, from quick and easy to an elegant meal. We also have beautiful rolling landscapes, flowing rivers, mountains to hike and open land to enjoy.

The convenience of Charlottesville is one of the things I find appealing, I can be in Richmond in an hour, DC in two hours, the beach in three hours and the mountains in just over a half an hour. The area also boosts a varied selection of places to stay from all styles of hotels to bed and breakfasts. If you are looking for entertainment you can go to John Paul Jones for a concert or sports game, to the many wineries and orchards that surround the area and the many theaters both live and movie.

The last but probably one of my favorite things are all the nature activities you can do from hiking and biking to horseback riding and camping. If you would like to find the entire article please click on this link,

What to do this weekend, 10/16/10, Around Charlottesville

Looking for some fun things to do in and around Charlottesville this weekend?

Chocolate Festival (Lee Park, Charlottesville) 10am-2pm

Fall Foliage Festival (Wintergreen) 10am-4pm

Apple Butter Makin’ Festival (Crabtree Falls) 10am-5pm

Graver Mountain Apple Harvest Festival (Madison) 10am-4:30pm

Drumheller’s Apple Festival (Lovingston) 9am-5pm

14th Annual Hot Air Balloon, Wine & Music Festival (Shenandoah Valley) 7am-4pm

Great New Dentist in Town

I can’t believe I am writing a post about a dentist and excited about it, but I am. I have never really “liked” dentists in the past, but I can say I liked this one.

If you are looking for a great dentist to go to then you need to go to Spring Creek Family Dentistry at Zion Crossroads.  I went to them for the first time and they are great! They are in a new building, with all of the new state of the art equipment and have the greatest staff you will ever meet.

They are very friendly, helpful from the moment you walk in the door and don’t try to do “unnecessary” work just to get extra money. Please visit their site at